WordPress on My Radar

WordPress, what?

I was definitely on the bandwagon of those ignoring WP and its capabilities because I was too good for it. As a budding web designer and developer, I considered it a slight to all designers when someone suggested using WP rather than developing a site from scratch.

However, as WP gains popularity (over 20% of websites use WP for content management), I now see the error of my ways and embrace the chance to learn what it has to offer. Though I’m still a big advocate for honing HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, (etc, etc.) skills, I also recognize that use of WP is another skill to add to my bag of developer tricks.

A special shout-out to Nate Cooper for pushing me over the edge to learn WP, and thanks to Girl Develop It for getting me started with a name for my blog. 🙂

Conquer WP, and then the world!

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