A Web Designer’s New Year’s Resolutions

In the New Year’s spirit of my fellow web designers and developers, I have decided to post my own resolutions for 2016 when it comes to who I am as a designer and what I aspire to be:

  • create more, read less – I need to stop at the endless reading list and start my project list, including the creation of my online portfolio and writing some real JavaScript on my own; the learning never ends, but the excuses are over
  • play more – this includes playtime with my son (coloring!) and doing some loved minimalist hobby like cracking open that Raspberry Pi I got for Christmas
  • develop a plan – I’m still early in my career, so I need to see where I’m headed and pinpoint what it is that I love about this business
  • practice empathy – it’s useful with a toddler and beneficial when developing for a better user experience online
  • husband time – anyone with a little maniac ruling the roost knows this can disappear in a heartbeat; I’m going to actively claim this time in creative and meaningful ways

Thanks for stopping by my WordPress blog this year! Come back again to see improvements made to my site and personal development or give me a shout on Twitter.


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