First Week of 100 Days of Code


I did it. Well, I started it. Ok, it’s only been a week, but I’ve put a lot of thought and effort into web programming and making code.

Nine days ago I started the 100 Days of Code challenge to focus on making rather than learning. Yes, the two go together, but often I’d get into learning paralysis and not code because I was having so much fun and gaining a lot of confidence just learning.

Despite all that fun, I got tired of it. It wasn’t challenging me. I wanted to DO something with all thr knowledge I was attempting to absorb. And then I saw it on Twitter. My chance to put this code to work and see what I could actually make.

As an accountability tool I downloaded the Toggl app to show I was coding every day and how much time I was putting in. I’d say my first week in the challenge was a success since I know I never put this much time in before:


As you can see, i’m putting a lot of time into Free Code Camp and creations on Codepen. Next I forked the 100 Days of Code repo. This encourages me to keep a daily log to see what steps I’ve taken to be a better coder. Additionally, I use Twitter to share my progress and find encouragement from others who have challenged themselves.

So far, I’ve solved some basic algorithm scripts and created a random quote machine through FCC It’s just the push I needed and I’m excited to see how much JavaScript I’ve learned by day 100! Stay tuned for my 2016 review of  coding progress.


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