Second Week of 100 Days of Code

Compared to last week, I put in over 1.5 more hours of code time to the weekly total. I’ve been getting up early in the morning before work to chip away at projects I’ve committed to.

My accomplishments this past week include:

  • Edited and merged my branch to WWC’S website via Github
  • Completed FCC’s random quote machine challenge
  • And their local weather app challenge
  • Started my own Mars weather Web app
  • made several other contributions in my own repos on Github
  • Enlisted in Code Wars and completed my first kata (which was finding the digital root using JavaScript)
  • Finally started reading through Eloquent JavaScript and challenging myself with his exercises
  • In general,  I’m feeling a bit more comfortable with APIs, jQuery, and CSS3 animations.

    These are big accomplishments for me as a natural Web designer who is struggling to program. My resolution is that I won’t pressure myself to complete something every day. But rather continue to put in the time and focus needed to plug away at working out my own solutions. Additionally, I resolve that it’s OK to Google things often and build on someone else’s code. I’m a novice and I accept that. By the end of 2017 I will look back at some of my code and reflect on how far I’ve come.

    It’s been a humbling and invigorating experience! Code on, friends!


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