Raspberry Pi Has the Touch

For Christmas I received a touchscreen for my Raspberry Pi. Granted I haven’t done a lot of work with it yet, but I have ideas!

Set up was pretty easy after consulting Element 14’s instructions online. However, when I plugged it in, the screen didn’t power on. OK,  so I’ll confess… I skipped the part about checking for an update for Raspbian. No big deal, right??

Wrong! It was this simple solution that made my screen power on. After updating my OS,  everything worked beautifully!

Well, almost everything.  The virtual keyboard I installed seemed to be MIA. And Minecraft seems to prefer a keyboard and mouse to function.

But all in all, I’m VERY excited to play with it. I have a few ideas, but those shall be revealed in due time. Plus, I still have a bit of serious work to complete through Free Code Camp, even though this would be fun to include in my 100 Days of Code challenge!

Happy coding, friends! Let this be a reminder to sprinkle in the fun projects now and then.


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