Fifth Week of 100 Days of Code

A few more breakthroughs, new things learned, and creative ideas submerged this past week.  My week’s accomplishments:

  • created several CSS images (bear, elephant, beaver, Daniel Tiger)
  • wrote a few intermediate algorithm scripts for Free Code Camp
  • updated files on Women Who Code website to adhere to established Ruby coding conventions
  • started development of an Alexa skill

And, more importantly, what I’ve gained:

  • More familiarity with Git commands and Github features.
  • Deeper understanding of CSS positioning, z-index, transform, and. clip-path properties.
  • New knowledge of JavaScript functionality (concat, Math).
  • An introduction to VUI and Alexa skill dev.
  • More confidence in myself and the idea that I can build anything I want when I put my mind to it.

    Somehow I managed to squeeze in more time. Probably because I was still on a high from the prior week’s accomplishments. The more I learn and discover, the more I am motivated to keep going. Additionally, I find that I have more ideas on things that I want to create! Not sure if that a perk or a burden yet.
    Happy coding, fellow devs! 


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