Sixth Week of 100 Days of Code

Six straight weeks of coding. Woohoo! My achievements this week:

  • Ruby coding convention corrections and styling updates pushed to Women Who Code website
  • created a ruler in CSS
  • started in-depth learning of HTML5 video and audio, as well as codecs that work on the web
  • mastered using git rebase
  • started working through JavaScript challenges on
  • solved an intermediate algorithm scripting challenge for Free Code Camp
  • resolved why my Mars API wasn’t pushing retrieving data and learned about CORS and xhr in the process
  • Solved a math problem on Project Euler by using JavaScript

    To my fellow 100-days-of-coders…. keep going! Breakthroughs do happen. Courage is gained through persistence. And days come and go that feel like a millenia because nothing works. But in the end, you make something that you are proud of. 


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