Seventh Week of 100 Days of Code

After seven weeks of persistent time spent with Javascript, CSS,  and HTML,  I feel like I’m getting somewhere (slowly but surely). I would still count myself as a code newbie,  but I’m finding that problem solving is less intimidating and even fun at times!

My accomplishments this week:

  • added more functionality and design tweaks to my Mars web app (like temperature toggle and code for the NASA Mars images API)
  • Git and Aptana setup on my netbook (lots of reading through Git and Ubuntu docs; command line progress)
  • Git rebase, my nemesis, has been conquered
  • added JavaScript updates to my Alexa skill (still in development)
  • wrote a search-and-replace script to complete a Free Code Camp algorithm challenge

I don’t feel like I have much results to show for the work I’ve done this week, but I did note in my coding log that my confidence in editing and writing JavaScript has been steadily rising. I spent a lot of time this week troubleshooting and overcoming issues and errors. Some of those even including programming problems encountered at work which I would not have been able to tackle a year ago!


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