Eighth Week of 100 Days of Code

This week’s achievements:

  • Solved 9 Free Code Camp intermediate algorithm scripting challenges.
  • Pushed styling changes to Women Who Code website.
  • Completed Skillsets course in defensive programming with JavaScript and HTML5.
  • Created a beating heart out of CSS to “give” to my husband on Valentine’s Day.

What I learned:

  • Git rebase is annoying but a necessary evil for cleaner code history (after much toiling and assistance from fellow WWC contributors, I finally got it to work for me)
  • Git push –force is also a necessary evil, but less annoying.
  • Regular expressions in JavaScript are powerful and cut down on a lot of excess code.
  • Split is a string property, not an array property. Lesson learnt.
  • Looping is good, but sometimes data arrays and switch/case statements can just as useful.
  • I’ve added reduce, map, and filter to my JS vocabulary and toolbox.
  • I’ve also added “asking for help” to my repertoire. Ain’t no shame in it. And I can learn a whole lot more (faster) then spending all day on Google.
  • There are simple ways to make my JavaScript and HTML5 code more secure against cross-site scripting attacks. Blog posts to come…
  • Always remember to make things for fun in between those learning projects. It’s a true motivator!

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