Eleventh Week of 100 Days of Code

This past week felt like a learning week! Though I squeezed in a lot of hours this week, it seemed as though most of it was spent reading a lot of JavaScript documentation. I also picked up reading Inclusive Design Patterns again to coincide with a Digital Accessibility MOOC I am taking through the University of Southampton.

This week’s accomplishments:

  • solved 3 advanced algorithms for Free Code Camp
  • pushed updated code to the Women Who Code website and merged two of my branches with staging
  • completed a lot of content and design work for my new online portfolio (of which I am much more happier with than my original Free Code Camp project)
  • started adding interactivity to my JavaScript calculator (Free Code Camp project)
  • learned about more techniques on how to make web pages inclusive and accessible
  • set up a workspace on Cloud9 to start contributing to the Free Code Camp website

Three-quarters of the way through this challenge, I’m feeling the world open up to me. Not only do I have ideas, but I have ideas about how to accomplish those ideas. 🙂 I also feel a bit of confidence in myself enough to contribute to others’ ideas, which is why I’m going to investigate more open source projects on Github to lend a hand with after I get through the bulk of projects I am already working on.

Life is too short to not pursue after something meaningful to you.


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