Twelfth Week of 100 Days of Code

So much to be proud of this week:

  • completed the Advanced Algorithm Scripts level of Free Code Camp (FCC)
  • made progress on the interactive part of my first FCC advanced project: JavaScript calculator
  • designed and hand-coded a new online portfolio that I am much prouder of
  • learned some PHP so I could create a form that submits info to my email
  • started creating web accessibility issues in the Women Who Code repo to help their site follow a more universal design model
  • refactored my old FCC tribute page to trim a ton of excess code, utilize the Bootstrap framework better, and transform my CSS to SCSS for convenience

Whew! And, um… I might have submitted an application for a web dev job, too. It’s hard to recall through this coder’s high I’m on.

Happy coding, y’all! And keep reaching for more.


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