100 Days of Accessibility


“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
― Anne Frank, Anne Frank’s Tales from the Secret Annex

I had so much success and felt such accomplishment achieving some of my long-standing coding goals via the 100 Days of Code challenge, that I thought it was worth a shot to strive for another long-standing goal using a focused conduit like the 100 Days challenge. So, here I am, planning my start of 100 Days of Accessibility or #100DaysOfA11y.

I commit to follow similar principles as Alexander Kallaway instituted with his 100 Days of Code initiative:

  • learn and apply web accessibility for at least an hour a day for 100 days
  • tweet my progress every day with the hashtag #100DaysOfA11y and note which day of the challenge I’m on
  • track my time spent, what I’ve learned, and how I applied it through weekly blog posts
  • count any day as progress when time is well-spent reading about or applying accessibility principles
  • allow one skip day per two weeks, if something critical comes up, but will not count that day as one of those 100 days

Naturally, I hope several things will come out of my challenge. However, the most important goal I hope to obtain by the end of this challenge is to be able to hold a much clearer view of who all the different users of the Internet and IoT are and empathize with challenges they face. This challenge is for me, a web designer/developer, who wants to make the web accessible to all because it’s for us all. As one who has encountered my own barriers in a visually-based world, I want to contribute to knocking down barriers that hinder others from living life, experiencing autonomy, and pursuing happiness.

Follow or learn along with my journey starting May 1st. I’ll be blogging once a week on Carney Develop It and tweeting #100DaysOfA11y every day for 100 days.


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