How to Learn Web Accessibility

One Hundred Days

What does someone need to do to learn web accessibility? Take a first step forward with the desire to learn. The only way to achieve anything is to start doing something about it.

Now that I’ve committed to #100DaysOfA11y, where do I begin?? I want to make the most of my 100 days, so I’ll start with a loose learning plan to help me stay on track and tackle a topic that I’ve been meaning to investigate these past 3 years.


Plan of Action

  • Week 1-5: Southampton Digital Accessibility course
  • Week 6-7: Work through W3C’s guided tutorials and read through their references
  • Week 8: Evaluate and update my own coding projects; start Apps for All
  • Week 9-10: Read Inclusive Design Patterns
  • Week 11-13: Read Progressive Enhancement
  • Week 14: Start a11y audit plan of webpages at work
  • Week 15: Develop a lesson plan for teaching co-workers and others about digital accessibility

As I learned from completing the 100 Days of Code challenge, a lot can be learned and accomplished in 100 days. My plans mentioned above are flexible with the intent of keeping me on track in hopes of accomplishing what I set out to do. I truly hope I run across other resources and get tips from accessibility professionals that will derail my own aforementioned goals, yet hone my learning path.

So, here I go. Let my next 100 day journey begin!


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