WordPress Accessibility Day 2022: You, Me, and Your Content I Can’t See

On November 2, 2022, I gave a 15-minute Lightning Talk entitled “You, Me, and Your Content I Can’t See” at WordPress Accessibility Day (WPAD) 2022.


I’ve embedded the video here for convenience:


No slides, sorry.

I offered only a few visuals to help visual people see the barriers I encounter on my laptop and smartphone. Here are the screenshots I used, in order of my talk:

  • WordPress Accessibility Day 2022 home page zoomed in at 120%
  • Firefox Reader Mode activated on a lireo.com article. Text customization tool open, san serif font selected, dark theme activated. Adjustments of size (7), column width (5), and line height (3) are set.
  • Screenshot of page text. Browser search bar with "lightning talk" entered. "lightning talk" text highlighted in green on page.
  • USPS Informed Delivery page (mobile portrait screen). The numbers and text for mailpieces & packages are cut off vertically. The address is overlapped by a red scrollbar.
  • NYT Wordle puzzle completed with the correct word revealed as "TAUNT". Keyboard overlaps the 6th guess.
  • Duolingo exercise screen with input box. Text in input box is cut off vertically due to keyboard pushing up the content.
  • Location and Your Weather agreement screen. Informative text is tiny print with large "I Understand" button.
  • Apple's Two-Factor Authentication page. 6 input square are barely visible due to light gray border
  • LLBean shopping page for men's clothes. Filter is fixed & covers 4/5 of the page. "Top" button blocks a small portion of an item's info.
  • 3 fixed horizontall stacked share icons (Facebook, Pinterest, Email) block the first 2 letters in every sentence (left aligned) in a blog post.
  • Juneau Empire article list in portrait view. Accessibility overlay tool icon fixed in the bottom right. High contrast colors set (black background, yellow headlines, green text). Text is enlarged. 2 article list items are smashed into 2 columns, creating 1 word per line.

For questions about my talk, you can contact me or find me online at:


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