100 Days of Code: Round 2

Here we go again! I know what I'm in for this time, which makes me wonder if I can do it again. I also had the advantage of my son's naptime last go-around, but not this time. On my second round of 100 Days of Code journey, I hope to stay more focused and project-oriented. …


Great sources for setting up your brand new MacBook Pro to fly!

MacBook Pro close-up.

This is perfect timing for me, as I’ve just recently invested in a MacBook Pro myself! Excellent sources.


Thank you to the following:

With my new rig I can finally use Docker, so I will be learning with the Play With Docker Classroom.

Having so much fun with my new Mac. Still love the old Mac too though. I have invested so many stickers in it…

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Enabling People through Digital Accessibility

I'm halfway through my 100 Days of Accessibility journey! In concert with this achievement, I've recently completed the University of Southampton's free online course about Digital Accessibility and am ready to review what I've learned over the 5-week online course. Below are my highlights of emphasized points, ideas new to me, and a-ha moments as a web …