5 Easy Ways to Make Your InDesign Document More Accessible

At work, I use Adobe InDesign a lot. It's one of my primary tools as a Publications Specialist for the State of Alaska. However, it has been a weakness of mine to seek and destroy accessibility failures in my Adobe publications. Just recently, I started to face that challenge head-on and find ways to test …


100 Days of Code: Round 2

Here we go again! I know what I'm in for this time, which makes me wonder if I can do it again. I also had the advantage of my son's naptime last go-around, but not this time. On my second round of 100 Days of Code journey, I hope to stay more focused and project-oriented. …

Great sources for setting up your brand new MacBook Pro to fly!

MacBook Pro close-up.

This is perfect timing for me, as I’ve just recently invested in a MacBook Pro myself! Excellent sources.


Thank you to the following:

With my new rig I can finally use Docker, so I will be learning with the Play With Docker Classroom.

Having so much fun with my new Mac. Still love the old Mac too though. I have invested so many stickers in it…

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