Normative vs. Non-normative

In my current journey to thoroughly study and understand web accessibility, I had a question that I needed to ask the Internet about W3C documentation: “What is the difference between normative and non-normative?” I found a great explanation on StackOverflow by Michael Kay: “Normative” means that it’s an official formal part of the specification; non-normative…More


Launching 100 Days of A11y Site

In honor of Blue Beanie Day (November 30) and in conjunction with my own preparation for IAAP’s Web Accessibility Standards certification exam, I’m committing to a second round of 100 Days of Accessibility and launched an 100DaysOfA11y website to keep me accountable. My hope during my study process is to provide you digestible snippets about…More

Synchronize Files in Dreamweaver

Is anyone out there still using Adobe Dreamweaver in 2018? I am. It’s my text editor of choice at work because 1) it was given to me to use, and 2) it seamlessly puts my files from my local environment to the production server. One of the features I’ve recently discovered, and love to use…More

Two New Shortcuts Added to My Web Design Toolbox

One perk about the web designer and developer life is that I’m always learning. Always. Today I learned how to… Quickly convert content to code Today I found myself pulling out the headphones, turning up the Moana soundtrack, and tediously beginning the manual process of copying content in between HTML tags. About a quarter of…More

Troubleshooting: Using JSON on IIS

Progressive web apps, also known as PWAs, are hot and happening right now. If you’ve been keeping up on web development in 2018, you’ll likely have heard about them. I’ve been learning about them most of the year through Udacity’s Mobile Web Specialist nanodegree program that I’m about to graduate from. To add icing to…More

A “Day” in the Life of This Web Designer

What I Do on the Daily According to the State of Alaska, I am classified as a Publications Specialist. To skip all boring narrative, I am a web and publications designer for the Alaska State Libraries, Archives, and Museums. To sum it up more, I design and maintain the webpages for my division. Additionally, I…More

From Float to Flexbox

It only took me until 2018 to finally apply flexbox to a project. Long after I’ve played with the new grid syntax, and continued to fall back on floats, I am finally coming around and learning flexbox. Each display value has its own strengths and quirks, but I’ll leave that for another blog post. Challenge…More

Presentation: Accessible & Inclusive Web Design

Today (March 4, 2018) I had the pleasure of spreading awareness of web accessibility to other moms who code via a Moms Can: Code talk. Here are the slides for my presentation: PowerPoint slide deck PDF slide deck Archived video can be watched with a Moms Can: Code membership.More

5 Easy Ways to Make Your InDesign Document More Accessible

At work, I use Adobe InDesign a lot. It’s one of my primary tools as a Publications Specialist for the State of Alaska. However, it has been a weakness of mine to seek and destroy accessibility failures in my Adobe publications. Just recently, I started to face that challenge head-on and find ways to test…More

100 Days of Code: Round 2

Here we go again! I know what I’m in for this time, which makes me wonder if I can do it again. I also had the advantage of my son’s naptime last go-around, but not this time. On my second round of 100 Days of Code journey, I hope to stay more focused and project-oriented.…More