Accessibility Starts Today

As posted by me on Codepen, 10/8/2017 Over the last few months I have dedicated a lot of thought and time to learning about web accessibility and how to incorporate it into my work. Just recently, I was reminded that web accessibility is just one piece of the design puzzle to make content available to …


CSS Grid Challenge

Thanks to Smashing Magazine's CSS Grid Challenge, I was finally pushed to learn grid in all it's glory and failures. Here is my submission left on CodePen: It feels good to finally get rolling with the new CSS Grid layout. And I am in LOVE! So much easier to arrange elements than using float …

Dreamweaver Shortcuts: Grouping and Multiplication

Today's tiny win in saving time: grouping and multiplication in Dreamweaver. (a[data-lightbox="preview" data-title=""]>img[alt=""])*28 Thanks to DW CC and all the neat tricks mentioned on this awesome cheatsheet, I saved time by adding the above formula to create twenty-eight hyperlinked images with included attributes! It's the little things that make web design a little better. Update …

Great sources for setting up your brand new MacBook Pro to fly!

MacBook Pro close-up.

This is perfect timing for me, as I’ve just recently invested in a MacBook Pro myself! Excellent sources.


Thank you to the following:

With my new rig I can finally use Docker, so I will be learning with the Play With Docker Classroom.

Having so much fun with my new Mac. Still love the old Mac too though. I have invested so many stickers in it…

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