#ID24: 100 Days of A11y

What can you accomplish in 100 days? Come listen as Amy Carney shares her 100-day journey and what lessons she learned about web accessibility during that time. Learn what happens when just an hour a day for 100 days is dedicated to learning and advocating for accessibility. Today (November 16, 2017) I had the privilege…More


Text, SVG, or JPEG?

Web developers have a ton of design and implementation choices these days. And, as the old saying goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Recently, I was on a mission to create a custom heading for one of our division pages at work. Goal Replace the default LibGuides h1 for the page…More

Creating Accessible Webinars

Today I had the privilege to teach a small group of state librarians across the United States how to create accessible webinars. This being my first webinar, I was SO nervous! But it turned out well and I had great feedback and interaction through chat and audio. A whole lot of thanks goes out to…More

Accessibility Starts Today

As posted by me on Codepen, 10/8/2017 Over the last few months I have dedicated a lot of thought and time to learning about web accessibility and how to incorporate it into my work. Just recently, I was reminded that web accessibility is just one piece of the design puzzle to make content available to…More

CSS Grid Challenge

Thanks to Smashing Magazine’s CSS Grid Challenge, I was finally pushed to learn grid in all it’s glory and failures. Here is my submission left on CodePen: It feels good to finally get rolling with the new CSS Grid layout. And I am in LOVE! So much easier to arrange elements than using float hacks.…More

Learn Web Accessibility on YouTube

For Days 90 and 91 of my 100 Days of Accessibility Challenge, I decided to browse YouTube to see what web accessibility introductions and tutorials were available for free. There were many more than I imagined! I’ve scraped off just a few recommendations to start you off, and YouTube’s suggestions can lead you down the…More

Dreamweaver Shortcuts: Grouping and Multiplication

Today’s tiny win in saving time: grouping and multiplication in Dreamweaver. (a[data-lightbox=”preview” data-title=””]>img[alt=””])*28 Thanks to DW CC and all the neat tricks mentioned on this awesome cheatsheet, I saved time by adding the above formula to create twenty-eight hyperlinked images with included attributes! It’s the little things that make web design a little better. Update…More

Enabling People to Communicate on Mobile Devices

As I discussed in my last post about how computers have enabled those with impairments to overcome some barriers, I’ve learned through personal experience that the advent of mobile devices has managed to bridge some of the divide in communication and wayfinding, alongside being of assistance to many during every day life tasks. In this…More

Enabling People to Work on Computers

Computers. Wow, have they changed my life! Thanks to computers, I’m making my niche in a career that lets me develop a skill with minimal barriers. And I’m not the only one. Others are able to overcome their own individual barriers thanks to various types of technological devices. But what are some barriers that many…More