A Web Designer’s New Year’s Resolutions

In the New Year’s spirit of my fellow web designers and developers, I have decided to post my own resolutions for 2016 when it comes to who I am as a designer and what I aspire to be: create more, read less – I need to stop at the endless reading list and start my…More


Tools for Testing Accessibility

My main focus lately has been coding in and of itself. But testing comes after coding, right? And nothing is more important than including testing to verify that your page is compliant with accessibility standards. I attended a webinar by David Berman today that introduced some helpful tools for having a machine test if your…More

jQuery: Hacking Styling with ‘html’

I’m working in LibGuides today and jQuery is on my mind again. The beauty of Springshare’s LibGuides is that there are several options available to customize guides and groups to your heart’s content with CSS and JavaScript dependent upon experience. Today’s hack: change some text and it’s link in the breadcrumbs section to reflect our…More

Simple Example of jQuery in Action

What do you do when you’re working from a Dreamweaver-templated page and need to make a simple tweak? Enter jQuery! Problem: The page I’m editing was set up as a page with a sidebar, but the content given doesn’t need a sidebar. Solution: With the help of jQuery, I eliminated the sidebar and widened the…More

First JavaScript Program: CalcIt

Today I’m feeling accomplished after running my first original JavaScript program that I initiated and developed myself. It has a very simple function, but it’s a step forward in the right direction and offers me instant gratification to keep me learning and developing in JS. It’s purpose: to check if a number is divisible by…More

CSS: Knowledge Improvements

A little over two years ago I started my job as webmaster with the State of Alaska Division of Libraries, Archives, and Museums. Within a couple days of starting my boss asked me to take several quizzes on w3schools.com to get a feel for where I stood in my web development skills. Today while I…More

First Bookmarklet

I made my first bookmarklet! Simple, yes, but a good step in the right direction of learning more JavaScript. It’s basic functionality is to create an alert box that displays the page title and how many images are on that page: Title/Images Bookmarklet Drag this link to your bookmark bar and try it on any…More

WordPress on My Radar

WordPress, what? I was definitely on the bandwagon of those ignoring WP and its capabilities because I was too good for it. As a budding web designer and developer, I considered it a slight to all designers when someone suggested using WP rather than developing a site from scratch. However, as WP gains popularity (over…More