From Float to Flexbox

It only took me until 2018 to finally apply flexbox to a project. Long after I’ve played with the new grid syntax, and continued to fall back on floats, I am finally coming around and learning flexbox. Each display value has its own strengths and quirks, but I’ll leave that for another blog post. Challenge … Continue reading From Float to Flexbox

Text, SVG, or JPEG?

Web developers have a ton of design and implementation choices these days. And, as the old saying goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Recently, I was on a mission to create a custom heading for one of our division pages at work. Goal Replace the default LibGuides h1 for the page … Continue reading Text, SVG, or JPEG?

CSS3: nth-child selector

In late-February I discovered that neat jQuery trick that adds an alternating background color to a web table that I had constructed. By taking advantage of the :odd and :even selectors, I was able to effortlessly add a class to every other table row to make my table easier to scan. Well, who knew that … Continue reading CSS3: nth-child selector

CSS3: backgrounds

While whittling away at my online portfolio design, I was struggling with how to insert multiple background images that sat atop one another to differentiate the sections my users would scroll through as they read the various content. First, I was trying to force placing an image in the HTML and then force a text … Continue reading CSS3: backgrounds

Nav Menu Redesign

I love my job. I get to make things. Learn things. Explore things. And I get PAID for all of this! One thing I got to do this past week: update the navigation menu for our state museum. Before (menu and submenu): After (mega menu): CSS3 is a good thing. 🙂 Special thanks to the … Continue reading Nav Menu Redesign