#ID24: 100 Days of A11y


What can you accomplish in 100 days? Come listen as Amy Carney shares her 100-day journey and what lessons she learned about web accessibility during that time. Learn what happens when just an hour a day for 100 days is dedicated to learning and advocating for accessibility.

Today (November 16, 2017) I had the privilege of presenting for the first time at Inclusive Design 24 (ID24), a 24-hour event full of accessibility talks every hour put on by The Paciello Group. My presentation was entitled 100 Days of A11y: A web designer’s journey to learn accessibility.

Watch it on YouTube

Read My Presentation Slides

Learn From Others

Be sure and check out the other #ID24 presentations that took place all day on November 16, 2017 UTC. There may just be something there that you’ve wanted to know or wondered how to address.

Tell Me Your Story

This is only my story. One woman’s journey.

As you’ve learned about web accessibility, what resources did you find helpful? What did you find frustrating? Leave a comment below, or find me on Twitter.




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