Exploring the Underrated Output Element

HTML’s output element is pretty amazing. I mean, honestly, HTML is pretty amazing, right? Many elements can just DO things, plus express their own purpose. The output‘s abilities are no less astounding. Think about. You put in some value, and there they are on the screen. To me, it’s like magic. In this post, I…More

State of A11y (This Dot Labs) 2022

On April 19, 2022 I had fun speaking on the State of A11y panel. Watch the 1 hour and 17 minute video on YouTube. For a 5-minute rundown of this panel’s discussion, read the State of A11y Wrap-up from This Dot Labs.More

Webinar: How to Design Accessible Websites

On February 2, 2022 I gave an intro to accessibility talk for Buddy. It was fun having the chance to encourage more people to make their website accessible. Video runs 1 hour and 17 minutes. I’ve been assured professional captions and transcripts will be available soon. Slides PowerPoint slides (103 Kb) PDF slides (153 Kb)…More

React Accessibility (React Finland)

On March 29, 2021, I gave a live coding demonstration alongside other accessibility experts Nic Steenhout and Eeva-Jonna Panula. I shared about poor component development I’d encountered in a recent project I’ve worked in, and the efforts it took me to remediate those accessibility problems. Caption are are available, but React Finland leaned on YouTube…More

Path Object Not Tagged (PDF problems)

Mayday! For two days I’d been trying to solve a mystery for a client that I’ve been guiding in PDF accessibility. We knew that InDesign was causing the issue, but we struggled to figure out how the issue was being caused. Let me back up a little to offer some context. My client creates things…More

7 Reasons Why Accessibility Overlays Aren’t a Magical Solution

Recently I had a conversation with an accessibility colleague at work about accessibility overlays for webpages. This conversation sprouted from a goal set a couple years ago that aimed to explore options and purchase a 3rd-party overlay for our sites as a solution to improve the accessibility of our web presence. Thankfully, time passed with…More

A Glimpse into R and the Data Scientist’s Toolbox

I recently completed Coursera’s “The Data Scientist’s Toolbox” course presented by Johns Hopkins University. This 4-week course offers a broad overview of what data science is and how to set up your “toolbox” for R programming and analysis of data. Below are my takeaways that have inspired me to continue to learn more about data…More

In 2018: I Took Back My Time

2018 was my year to drop time wasters and get serious about my time. My priority is my family (husband and son), but I also care deeply about a fulfilling career (web development and accessibility). Those two things don’t leave me with much time when I want them both to flourish. So, I decided to…More

Normative vs. Non-normative

In my current journey to thoroughly study and understand web accessibility, I had a question that I needed to ask the Internet about W3C documentation: “What is the difference between normative and non-normative?” I found a great explanation on StackOverflow by Michael Kay: “Normative” means that it’s an official formal part of the specification; non-normative…More

Launching 100 Days of A11y Site

In honor of Blue Beanie Day (November 30) and in conjunction with my own preparation for IAAP’s Web Accessibility Standards certification exam, I’m committing to a second round of 100 Days of Accessibility and launched an 100DaysOfA11y website to keep me accountable. My hope during my study process is to provide you digestible snippets about…More