Normative vs. Non-normative

In my current journey to thoroughly study and understand web accessibility, I had a question that I needed to ask the Internet about W3C documentation: “What is the difference between normative and non-normative?” I found a great explanation on StackOverflow by Michael Kay: “Normative” means that it’s an official formal part of the specification; non-normative … Continue reading Normative vs. Non-normative

Launching 100 Days of A11y Site

In honor of Blue Beanie Day (November 30) and in conjunction with my own preparation for IAAP’s Web Accessibility Standards certification exam, I’m committing to a second round of 100 Days of Accessibility and launched an 100DaysOfA11y website to keep me accountable. My hope during my study process is to provide you digestible snippets about … Continue reading Launching 100 Days of A11y Site